Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sushil asked Swapnil "aare do u know abt the WADA thing, many sport org(BCCI) opposing it."

lets see y r they opposing.

The current anti-doping code revised the "whereabouts" system in place since 2004, requiring athletes to select one hour per day, five days a week to be available for no-notice drugs tests. However on January 1, 2009 this was extended to seven days a week and unlike the previous system athletes have to be available for the full hour.[3]

This has led to a legal challenge from Sporta the Belgian sports union who argue that the system violates Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.[4]

FIFPro is also preparing a challenge based on data protection and employment law.[5]

A significant number of sports organizations, governments, athletes, and other individuals and organizations have expressed support for the new whereabouts requirements. The International Association of Athletics Federations[6] and UK Sport[7] are two of the most vocal supporters of this rule. Tennis all-time great Roger Federer has also expressed approval for rigorous testing saying that "the guy is cheating and they are smart, right?" [8] Both UEFA and FIFA have rejected the system citing privacy concerns,[9] as has the BCCI.[10]

WADA has also published a Q&A explaining the rationale for the change.[11]


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