Monday, August 24, 2009

Articles of the Constitution

Part Article Deals with
Part I Articles 1-4 Territory of India,, admission,, establishment or formation of new states
Part II Articles 5-11 Citizenship
Part III Articles 12-35 Fundamental Rights
Part IV Articles 36-51 Directive Principles of State Policy
Part IV A Article 51-A Duties of a citizen of India. It was added by the 42nd Amendment in 1976
Part V Articles 52-151 Government at the Union level
Part VI Articles 152-237 Government at the State level
Part VII Article 238 Deals with states in Part B of the First Schedule. It was repealed by 7th Amendment in 1956
Part VIII Articles 239-241 Administration of Union Territories
Part IX Article 242-243 Territories in Part D of the First Schedule
and other territories. It was repealed by 7th Amendment in 1956
Part X Articles 244-244 A Scheduled and tribal areas
Part XI Articles 245-263 Relations between the Union and States
Part XII Articles 264-300 Finance,, property,, contracts and suits
Part XIII Articles 301-307 Trade,, commerce and travel within the
territory of India
Part XIV Articles 308-323 Services under the Union and States
Part XIV-A Articles 323A-323B Added by the 42nd Amendment in 1976
and deals with administrative tribunals to hear disputes and other complaints
Part XV Articles 324-329 Election and Election Commission
Part XVI Articles 330-342 Special provision to certain classes ST/SC
and Anglo Indians
Part XVII Articles 343-351 Official languages
Part XVIII Articles 352-360 Emergency provisions
Part XIX Articles 361-367 Miscellaneous provision regarding exemption of the President and governors from criminal proceedings
Part XX Article 368 Amendment of Constitution
Part XXI Articles 369-392 Temporary,, transitional and special provisions
Part XXII Articles 393-395 Short title, commencement and repeal
of the Constitution

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