Monday, August 24, 2009

hi all,
there is always a problem relating to what to study and not to for indian polity. it is a part of the general studies paper and and carries nearly 100 marks. the questions in this topic are such that you can not answer them with bookish kind of knowledge only. at the same time you can not give your 100% time for just the indian polity aspect as it is just a part of your G.S. syllabus. then what to do? how to optimise your time?
here are few suggestions from my side
* donot read too many text books. read just one or two reference books.
( i would suggest Indian polity by D.D. Basu)
* try to grab what is happening around you through a habit of regular news paper reading (i suggest the hindu and the business line)
* always subscribe to a good quality competitive magazine
* also subscribe to a national magazine like frontline.
* try to make a group anmd discuss topics of the curent relevance
* analyse the questons of the previous years.

in essence i would say that rather than reading too much try to have views about the things by discussing with friends. this way you will also be able to get fedback on your views etc from those who have already been selected.
wishing you all the best and hoping for good response


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