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First of all as far as ETHICS paper is concerned I would like to say that whenever you are writing the paper first write down the case studies and then move towards the theory part.

1. Case studies have more weightage. In the initial phase your mind is fresh ….you could write down things more effectively.

2. You can afford to lose a 10 mark theory question but, if you leave a case of 25 marks that affects you badly !

The books to study for ETHICS.

As such I beleive in ethics it more about what you think and write rather than any book spoon feeding you.

But, however there are many terms, concepts, ideas which requires reading which coud be done from books like (any one or two will do)

1. LEXICON by Chronicle.
2. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude (Being Efficient and Being Good) by MK Mohanty Sir
3. SK Mishra Sir notes
4. One can also refer to youtube videos by Mrunal or Unacademy on Ethics section.

Apart of these, also notes of IAS Shrikrishna Panchal Sir could also be done !

Herez the link to it 

Coming to writing down answers in Case Study questions !

1. Firstly, mention the stakeholders involved in the case study.

2. Next, mention the ethical issues/ dilemmas involved in that particular case study 
It can be like 

  • Private ethics vs. Professional Ethics.
  • Public Interest vs. Individual interest.
  • Animal Rights vs. Man interest.
It can be anything depending on the case study

3. Next you need to tackle all the questions asked in the case study. Or in some case studies they ask for various ways to tackle certain issue.

Things involved in this !

  • Mention even the dumbest of the dumbest approach also to tackle a certain issue. In that section itself in the 'Demerit' section you mention why that particular approach in wrong.

  • Whenever we are taking a particular stand, it is but obviously that all candidates will take that particular stand since it is most logical. But, where does the difference lies ? It is how you present that particular stand. 

  • Yes, your taking a particular stand but, mention that why you are taking that stand. Here comes in your skill where you use various ethics terms studied in theory. You need to bring in the theories and thinkers in your answers. Like you say ' I take this stand since Socrates said that Means are more important than Ends' ...or Mahatma Gandhi said so and so ...Vivekanand said so and so......Like that. This is where you will score more than others.

  • Whenever, there is a issue where your higher authority or a Minister is pressurising you take a certain decision which might not be within the rule book or contours of constitution ...First of all in the answer you write that you will try to convince him/her that this is not right and consequences of it. Even after that if he/she is forcing you, then you will ask them to 'give in writing' whatever thing needs to be executed.

Things which you can do.

1. Underlining wherever relevant things. In 'case studies' underline the various ethics terms and thinkers/philosophers you used to justify your point.  

2. Remember that this paper is basically to test your EQ i.e. Ethical Quotient/ Emotional Quotient and not Intelligence Quotient . So keep in mind this aspect while writing answers.

3.Wherever possible you can draw a diagram by applying logic. Like last year there was  question on Gandhiji's  seven sins 

1.  Wealth without work.
2.  Pleasure without conscience.
3.  Knowledge without character.
4.  Commerce without morality.
5.  Science without humanity.
6.  Religion without sacrifice.
7.  Politics without principle.

So this thing could be shown by drawing a circle .Some thing like below

Image result for seven social sins

I believe the game in ETHICS lies in how you PRESENT things. Again I would reiterate that different toppers have different strategy. Refer them. Make your own Unique one ! Best of Luck !

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