Monday, June 5, 2017

My Public Administration Marks

Paper 1 - 151

Paper 2-  158

I had joined Mohanty Sir classes in Delhi for Public Administration and it really helped me !

The books I went through !

1. Mohanty Sir notes which I wrote down when Sir teached us.

2. Mohanty Sir printed notes.

3. Radhabinod Aribam book Paper 1 and Paper 2

                          Image result for radhabinod aribamImage result for radhabinod aribam

4. New Horizons in Public Administration - Mohit Bhattacharya 

Image result for mohit bhattacharya

5. Second ARC report - Summary

6. Ramesh Arora and Rajni Goyal 

Image result for ramesh arora and rajni goyal

7. Prasad and Prasad for Administrative Thinkers

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My Strategy !

As mentioned above I used to refer to the books as mentioned above. I had made my own notes which were concise and helped me for revision. For example, I used to fit one thinker on one page. Also I had taken a big chart and had tried to compile all the thinkers on 4 charts viz. Classical Thinkers, Human relation thinkers , Motivation Thinkers, and so on.  I used to confuse with all this things in initial stages, but with this strategy of chart making I developed a clear picture in my mind.

Once everything was studied , the real challenge came of Answer writing. For this I refered to previous year questions topic wise which could be obtained in a book of KBC Nano publications. After every topic studied I used to refer to those topics previous year questions and try to write them. By doing this exercise I developed a habit of thinking and writing answers. 

Whenever answers are written in Public administration it is very essential to make mention of the thinkers and their findings in your answer. The various theories related to the subject must be reflected in your answer with relevance to those topics.


The trick to fetch marks  is try to bring Paper 1 in your Paper 2 answers and Paper 2 in your Paper 1  answers .

For example, the question was asked in 2016 year paper

“The absence of congruence of views on appointments to judiciary between the Supreme Court and the Union Government has had an adverse impact on the judicial system.” In the light of  the above statement, examine the proposal to constitute an All India Judicial Service. (AIJS).

So in this question as normally I argued the various points. But I even invoked Mary Parker Follet in my answer through her concept of INTEGRATION where I argued that both Judiciary and Executive should come together and integrate over their point of views

Also try to introduce real time examples in the answers. Like there was a question on foreign policy of Kautilya 

 “In contemporary times, Kautilya’s Arthashstra is relevant more in the field of international relations than in economic affairs.” Analyse the statement.  

In this answer as all would write I too wrote but I gave its application in practicality. I quoted Kautilya's “Saam, Daam, Dand & Bhed”.

Acharya Chanakya said, there are four ways to make an adversary to do what you want him to do, “Saam, Daam, Dand & Bhed”.

Saam involves diplomacy and talking to the adversary. That is the first step. If your adversary is obstinate, use Daam - offer or hold back a sop. Next step is Bhed - use subterfuge and isolate the enemy from his/her friends. Last is Dand - punish using force.

The Modi  govt has demonstrated this immortal Sutra from Chanakya Neeti to great effect post  Uri Attack.

The Foreign Minister's restrained, yet powerpacked speech at UNGA is a classic example of Saam. 

Threat of reconsidering  Indus Water Treaty , an example of the Daam method of pressurising the enemy. 

Getting Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Bhutan to pull out of the  SAARC meet to be held in Pakistan, a classic example of Bhed, and  than surgical strikes across the LoC - the perfect example of Dand!

Apart from this I tried making diagrams in my answers for example their is a question on Self help Group something like this diagram can drawn

Related image

 Such things matter to your answer and can increase your marks..


Also another trick is try to introduce maximum examples of governance success models in your answer. Such stuff can be obtained by going through magazines like Yojana , Kurukshetra . Successful models by recent bureaucrats could be obtained from Governance Knowledge Centre 


Insights on India initiative of Daily answer writing on Public Administration also help me a lot. I used to write the answers which were best on that site. Likewise I had written almost 400 pages of answer writing which helped me develop good answers . I got many ideas and examples in Insights due to this process.


So this were the things implemented by me in my this attempt in which I got AIR - 55. I earlier attempts I used to get somewhere around 200 marks in Public Administration but this time I received 309 marks.

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