Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's the real problem of the Middle East ( the holy lands)?
Reader comment on item: Hope for the Middle East

Submitted by Oğuzhan Konez (Turkey),
The history of the humankind is so weird. Therefore the world policy is much too weird too. If you want to search the root of mankind's historical policy, you have to reverse your time to primitive ages. As you know, you will have to change your place too, since the place and the time must be considered together. Naturally, the winds of this roots will make you a voyage to the old and ancient lands. These lands are the Middle East. Lots of the civilizations were born and they died in these holy lands, respectively. The Middle East is the real root of us.

In ancient years these lands were famous and associated with the prophets and the religions. This zone is so significant for Jews and Muslims and Christs. They are all agreed that the Middle East is so sacred for them. There are lots of antique buildings and sacred scriptures. Especially Jerusalem is so important to worship and pray. The faithful people around the world get together in Jerusalem. Especially the Al Aksa Mosque and The King Solomon's temple are associated with Jerusalem and also the land of the Middle east. These places are sacred because the main prophets were there.

Nonetheless, nowadays the biggest powers are not interested in holiness. They all pay attention to the petrols and the strategic importance of the Middle East. The problem of Palestine and Israel is the symbol and it is the external side of the conflicts. The real and internal problem is economics absolutely. We have to have a glance to the policy of the US. The US' economic power is reducing everyday since the East countries such as Malasia, Thaivan and especially China are so powerful because of the cheap labour. The EU is an another factor which can cause a problem against the US. The monopoly corporations replace to the East. The one of the main branches is being exterminated in the hand of the US. ( Policy, Army and Financial) The economic one is in danger now. The US has to increase his influence on world, but how?

The US invaded Iraq owing to abuse of Saddam Hussein's weapons. It seems that their other invasion will be on Iran. In addition to this, this invasion will proceed until the petrol of the Hazar Lake. The US have to control the petrol wells to be dominant on worldwide policy. As they can't produce goods with lower prices against China.

The policy of Russia and the EU and Egypt have such predominant behaviours on the Middle East. They want to possess some proportion from the oppression of the Middle East. Nonetheless, the main factor is wounded America. He is bleeding on account of the debts and hatreds of other people from the remote lands of the world.

As you estimate, the old land is the target of people like ancient years. The only difference is between holiness and finance but maybe there wouldn't have been any differences. Maybe the problem is the blender of the monetary issues and the holy of God. We could never find the real point of solution of the questions. It is not the problem of Math or Physics or logic. It is the problem of people and this is the worst one of course.

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