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यार सुशिल तुने आर्मी, एयरफोर्स , नेवी के बारे में बता दिया लेकिन कोअस्तल गार्ड के बारे में नही बताया
चल मई बता देता हु ।

  • The Indian Coast Guard is the fourth Armed force of India created to guard Republic of India's vast coastline
  • similar to the other Para Military Forces of India such as the Border Security Force (BSF) and the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) which are all constituted as 'Armed Forces' of India (so is the Indian Coast Guard)
  • Its primary objective is to guard India's vast coastline and operates under the effective control of the Ministry of Defense.
  • The coast guard works closely with the Indian Navy and the Indian Customs Department, Fisheries department and the Police.
  • India's coast guard has a large number of fast craft including hovercrafts and hydrofoils.
  • They patrol the seas and river mouths.
  • Heavy patrolling of sensitive areas such as Gujarat, West Bengal and Mumbai have resulted in the nabbing of a large number of smugglers and illegal immigrants.
  • The major historic achievements of the service include the first ever recapture of a pirated ship at high seas, the MV Alondra rainbow.

After the 2008 Mumbai attacks, decision was taken to improve the service by providing more assets and setting up nine more stations.[1]

Its responsibilities include:

  • Enforcing the provisions of enactment in force in the maritime zones.
  • Assisting the Customs and other authorities in anti-smuggling operations.
  • To preserve & protect the marine environment and control marine pollution.
  • Measures for safety of life and property at sea including aid to mariners in distress.
  • Ensuring the safety & protection of artificial islands, offshore terminals and other installations in MR zones
  • Assist the Indian Navy in times of war.

Motto: Vayam Rakshaamah -- "We Protect" in Sanskrit. (It is seen in Devanagari script on the coat of arms.)


Rank Structure

Coast Guard Rank Structure Equivalent Indian Navy Rank Structure
Director General Vice Admiral
Inspector General Rear Admiral
Deputy Inspector General+ Commodore
Deputy Inspector General Captain
Commandant Commander
Commandant (Junior Grade) Commander
Deputy Commandant Lieutenant Commander
Assistant Commandant Lieutenant
Assistant Commandant† Acting Lieutenant
Assistant Commandant◊ Midshipman


Surface vessels ( 83 are in service )

Ship Class Type Origin Displacement In service Notes
In Service:
Sankalp class Advanced Offshore Patrol Vessel India 2300 tons 2 [4]
Samar class Advanced Offshore Patrol Vessel India 2005 tons 4
Vikram class Offshore Patrol Vessel
1220 tons 9
Samudra class Pollution Control Vessel(PCV) India 3300 tons 3
Jijabai Class Inshore Patrol Vessels
200 tons 15
Vadyar Class Interceptor Craft
2.4 tons 8
Bristol Class Interceptor Craft
5.5 tons 4

Interceptor Boat India 49 tons 10

Fast Patrol Vessel
215 tons 8

Extra Fast Patrol Vessel (XFPV) India 270 tons 7

Seaward Defence Boat
203 tons 2

Inshore Patrol Craft Republic of Korea 32 tons 5

Air Cushion Vehicle (Hovercraft) United Kingdom N.A. 6
Under Construction/Order:
Sankalp Class Advanced Offshore Patrol Vessel India 2230 tons 1 being built
Vishwast class Offshore Patrol Vessel India 1800 tons 1 launched
+ 2 on order

Inshore Patrol Vessel India 275 tons 2 being built
+ 3 on order

Interceptor Boat India 75 tons 1 being built
+ 5 on order


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