Saturday, August 22, 2009

Constitutional Rights for Indian Citizens

- Fundamental rights under articles 15, 16, 19
- Some important posts reserved
- right to vote

The Parliament has passed a bill on dual citizenship for persons of Indian Origin ( PIO) living abroad.

Fundamental Duties

--> By 42nd Amendment, part IV A, Aticle 51 A
--> There are 10 fundamental duties.
--> Justice Verma Committee had recommended for enforcement of Fundamental duties by the citizens.

Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP)

-> From Article 37- Article 51
-> Part IV of the Constitution

DPSP as mentioned in other parts of the constitution:

-> Article 350: Providing primary education in mother tongue for people of minority class
-> Article 351: Duty to spread Hindi Language amongst people of India
-> Article 335: To appoint SC, ST in state and union services

DPSP are Affected by Western Liberalism

Some Important DPSPs

Article 44: Uniform Civil Code
Article 45: Free and Compulsory Education for Children
Article 50: Separation of Judiciary from Public Services
Article 51: Development of International peace and Security
Article 49: Protection of National and Historical Monuments

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