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  • GORWALA REPORT OF 1951 : set up under the chairmanship of retired ICS A.D.Gorwala recommanded, introducting organization & method procedure in various govt. organization, stressed over efficiency, discpline in civil service & promotion of understanding between officials & politicians.
  • PAUL H. APPLEBY REPORT OF 1953 : appleby was the expert consultant who was of the view that Indian administrative system was "archaic", feudalistic & unimaginative". he recommanded as follows:
  1. Improvement in work procedures.
  2. Setting up of an organization & Management of Public Administration office.
  3. more flexibility & discretion allowed to administrative agencies in cooperation with P.S.C in recruitment.
  4. Finanace officer be appointed with every parent ministries.
  5. Public employees be paid adequate salaries.
  • V.T.KRISHNAMACHARI REPORT OF 1992 recommended : expansion of IAS cadre to meet the demands of economic & social development. coodination of the elective & technical elements. Cooperation of administrative & technical elements. Progress of cooperation movement & community development programme.
  • 1st ARC 1966 : was set up under the chairmanship of Morarji desia. This commission took the most comprehensive measure in administrative reforms with a view to ensuring highest standards of efficiency & intergrity in Public services. Following are main recommendations :
  1. The size of the council of ministers to be according to the administrative needs.
  2. Dept.of administrative Reforms to be placed directly under the deputy prime minister.
  3. no right to strike for government servants.
  4. officials grievances redressel through Joint Conservative Machinery.
  5. Early mobility of govt servent within their specialized area through a unified grading system. govt should provide more opertunities to those at lower levels.
  6. there should be improvement in recruitment policy, fixation of work norms, overtime, holidays etc.,
  7. an inter state council to be set up in art 263 of constitution.
  8. a civil servant, after completion of 5 years of service , be allowed for voluntry retirement.
  9. Provision for 'Lok Pals & Lok Ayuktas'.
  • SATISH CHANDRA COMMITTEE 1989 : gave its erport on the recruitment policy & selection methods of All-India & Central services. Major recommendations are:
  1. 1st stage of recruitment i.e., preliminary examination to be conducted , in order to weed out non-serious candidates.
  2. mains examination next , to test the analytical & logical understanding of the candidates, in their optinal subjects.
  3. Finally the Interview, round to adjudge teh personality traits of the candidates.
  • HOTA COMMITTEE REPORT : under the chairmanship of P.C.Hota recommendations:
  1. Restorations of orginal age limit 21-24 years for competing for civil services.
  2. comprehensive performance appraisal of officials after completing 15 years of service.
  3. punishment to those found guilty , corrupt & inefficient.
  4. obligations to put their name badgets , while on duty.
  5. Annual declaration by property, holdings on a website by the civil servants.
  6. forfeiture of Benami property of officials under section 8 of Benami transaction or prohibition act 1988.
  7. no permission to be granted to civil serveants to join any political party, at least till 2 years post retirement.
  8. identification of corrupt officials thorugh secret ballot in their general bodu meeting.
  9. user of "Information Faciliation Centres", to serve as interface with citizens & NGOs.
  • 2ND OR NEW ARC : to be set up under the chairmanship of V.Moily to fill the back log of SC, ST's vacacies. this new arc assumes greater significance since its being consulted after nearly four decades. it is expected to go into the organizational structure of the central govt., ethics in governance , refurbishing presonal administration, strong thing financial administration & efficient administration at district, local & panchayats levels.

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