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Chhattisgarh State Information

Capital : Raipur

Districts :16

Languages: Hindi, English 

The economy of this state benefits from its Bhilai Steel Plant, S.E.C.Railway Zone, BALCO Aluminium Plant, S.E.Coal Ltd.and National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. To add to it all Chattisgarh is a mineral rich state. The service sector boasts of Real estate, Consultancies and Insurance.

This state is also enriched with natural beauty and pleasant atmosphere. It is surrounded with dense forests, hilly mountains, streams, waterfalls, natural caves, parks etc. Bastar, also called Kashmir of Chattisgarh, attracts many foreign tourists. 
Mahanadi and Narmada are the principal rivers of the state. Narmada has its origin in Amarkantak, which lies in Chhattisgarh.
Mahanadi, one of the largest rivers in India originates from this state. It has some very good hotels to offer to tourists. 
Food of Chhattisgarh

Rice is the principal crop of the area, and forms the main part of the diet of these people. Interestingly red ants, flying ants, mushrooms, squirrels, and rats are some of the other special delicacies.
Liquor, brewed from mahuwa is an important delicacy among the tribal people. They are fond of fish as well.
Pork is a major item in their diet and almost every major ceremony commences with the sacrifice of a pig
Panthi, Raut Nacha "Karma" and Soowa dance styles are popular in the region.
Chhattisgarh has rich traditional folk songs among which sohar, bihav & Pathoni songs are famous.
Theater is known as Gammat in Chhattisgarh. Pandavani is one of the lyrical forms of this theater. Several acclaimed plays of Habib Tanvir, such as Charandas Chor, are variations of Chhattisgarhi theater, and heavily use Chhatttisgarhi folk songs and music.

Munda (language and dialects)

         1)Pre-Munda (Southern)        2)Pre-Munda (Northern)
                 |                           |
      1)Gadba    2)Kharia     1)Korku 2)Mawasi 3)Nihali 4)Pre-Kherwar
                                                   1)Korba         2)Bidaho
                              1)Nagesia 2)Sounta or Toori 3)Majhi 4)Majhwar 5)Kherwari
 Festivals of Chhattisgarh
Dussehra is celebrated with much enthusiasm in Jagdalpur every year.
A luk at timeline of Chhatisgarh-Some Glimpses
1795 - During Mughal era, it was called Ratanpur territory and not Chhattisgarh. The word Chhattisgarh was popularized during the Maratha period and was first used in an official document in 1795.  
In 1854, when the province of Nagpur lapsed to the British government, Chhattisgarh was formed into a deputy commissionership with its headquarters at Raipur. Historian CW Wills, writing about ChhattisgarhChhattisgarh presents the remarkable picture of a Hindu government continuing till modern times outside the sphere of direct Mohammedancontrol. says,
Nov 1, 2000 - On November 1, 2000, India gave birth to a new state-Chhattisgarh. The new state is carved out of India's largest state of Madhya Pradesh with an area of 443000 square kilometers.  
Dec 7, 2003 - RAIPUR: Ayurvedic doctor-turned-politician Raman Singh on Sunday took oath as the new chief minister of Chhattisgarh, where the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ousted the Congress party in elections
May 7, 2005 - RAIPUR: Chhattisgarh has sent an SOS to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to save the state from an imminent "power blackout". Chhattisgarh, facing a recurring power crisis since November after New Delhi diverted 288-mw central pool power to its parent state Madhya Pradesh
Jul 17, 2006 - RAIPUR: Over 600 Maoist guerrillas armed with automatic rifles stormed into a government-run relief camp early on Monday morning in Chhattisgarh's Dantewada district and killed at least 17 tribesmen and injured around 50 others, police said. 
Mar 16, 2007 - CARNAGE IN THE FOREST: Bodies of the Chhattisgarh Armed Force personnel and tribal youth killed in an attack by naxalites lying at the Ranipotili police base camp in the forests
Dec 9, 2008 - The five States went to the polls over the last three weeks, starting as early as November 14 in Chhattisgarh, but the counting was taken up only ... Though the BJP managed to retain Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh handsomely
Sep 24, 2009 - AP Rescuers work at the accident site at BALCO power plant at Korba, Chhatisgarh , on Wednesday. At least 20 labourers were killed, 15 injured and nearly 70 feared trapped under the debris when a chimney at the under-construction thermal power plant of BALCO 
Apr 7, 2010 - Maoist rebels killed at least 73 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel by setting off explosives and firing from hilltops around dense forest in Chhattisgarh on Tuesday in one of the worst attacks by the insurgents in years.       
Recent news
HeadlinesIndiaChhattisgarh's Agriculture Minister should be sacked for his links with Maoists: Congress.

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