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Definition of 3G:
3G is the third generation of wireless technologies. It comes with enhancements over previous wireless technologies, like high-speed transmission, advanced multimedia access and global roaming. 3G is mostly used with mobile phones and handsets as a means to connect the phone to the Internet or other IP networks in order to make voice and video calls, to download and upload data and to surf the net.
How is 3G Better? :
3G has the following enhancements over 2.5G and previous networks:
  • Several times higher data speed;
  • Enhanced audio and video streaming;
  • Video-conferencing support;
  • Web and WAP browsing at higher speeds;
  • IPTV (TV through the Internet) support.
3G Technical Specifications :
The transfer rate for 3G networks is between 128 and 144 kbps (kilobits per second) for devices that are moving fast and 384 kbps for slow ones(like for pedestrians). For fixed wireless LANs, the speed goes beyond 2 Mbps. 3G is a set of technologies and standards that include W-CDMA, WLAN and cellular radio, among others.
3G follows a pattern of G's that started in the early 1990's by the ITU. The pattern is actually a wireless initiative called the IMT-2000 (International Mobile Communications 2000). 3G therefore comes just after 2G and 2.5G, the second generation technologies. 2G technologies include, among others, the Global System for Mobile (GSM) - the famous mobile phone technology we use today. 2.5G brings standards that are midway between 2G and 3G, including the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE), Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) etc.
What is Required for Using 3G?:
The first thing you require is a device (e.g. a mobile phone) that is 3G compatible. This is where the name 3G phone comes from - a phone that has 3G functionality; nothing to do with the number of cameras or the memory it has. An example is the iPhone 3G. 3G phones commonly have two cameras since the technology allows the user to have video calls, for which a user-facing camera is required for capturing him/her.
Unlike with Wi-Fi which you can get for free in hotspots, you need to be subscribed to a service provider to get 3G network connectivity. We often call this kind of service a data plan or network plan.
Your device is connected to the 3G network through its SIM card (in the case of a mobile phone) or its 3G data card (which can be of different types: USB, PCMCIA etc.), which are both generally provided/sold by the service provider. Through that, you get connected to the Internet whenever you are within a 3G network. Even if you are not in one, you can still use 2G or 2.5G services provided by the service provider.
What Does 3G Cost?:
3G is not very cheap, but it is worthwhile for users that need connectivity on the move. Some providers offer it within a somewhat costly package, but most of them have plans where the user pays for the amount of data transferred. This is because the technology is packet-based. For example, there are service plans where there is a flat rate for the first Gigabyte of data transferred, and a per minute cost for each additional Megabyte.
3G and Voice:
Wireless technologies are a way for mobile users to make free or cheap calls worldwide and save a lot of money due to the latest telephony applications and services. 3G networks have the advantage of being available on the move, unlike Wi-Fi, which is limited to a few meters around the emitting router. So, a user with a 3G phone and a 3G data plan is well-equipped for making free mobile calls. She will only have to download one of the free applications and install on her mobile phone and start making calls.
Using VoIP is a great way of saving money on phone calls. 

Current News

3G auction ends; govt to earn Rs 70,000 cr

The Indian exchequer is set to swell by Rs 67,718.95 crore ($ 15 billion), with the conclusion on Wednesday of auctions for the crucial airwaves for third generation (3G) telecom services by private players.
The government had hoped to collect Rs 35,000 crore ($ 7.75 billion) after auctioning the airwaves for both 3G services and broadband. The auction for broadband spectrum is to begin only Saturday, with the potential to fetch another $ 7.5 billion to the government.
The prized Delhi and the Mumbai circles have been won by Reliance, Bharti and Vodafone. In all, Reliance, Bharti and Aircel won the maximum number of 13 circles, followed by 11 for Idea, nine each for Vodafone and Tata, and three for S Tel.

The state-run Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd, which have already been issued airwaves for 3G services, will also have to pay this winner's price, collectively pegged at Rs 16,750.6 crore ($ 3.72 billion).
Slots for three-four players were available in the 22 circles into which the country was divided for 3G services that facilitate faster connectivity and applications such as Internet TV, video-on-demand, audio-video calls and high-speed data exchange.
Nine companies -- Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications, Vodafone Essar, Idea Cellular, Tata Teleservices, Aircel, Etisalat, S Tel and Videocon Telecommunications -- took part in the online auction that started April 9.


 2004  Oct 1, 2004 - The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India's proposal to release the spectrum, which has been recommended by the International Telecommunications Union for IMT2000 3G services, has raised concerns that India may be isolated from the rest of the global 3G market. ...

 2005 Nov 30, 2005 - Maran said he is also keen that new technologies should provide 3G in India, particularly HSDPA or 'Super 3G', the latest upgrade to GSM technology. ''We want new technologies for 3G... I am anxiously waiting for HSDPA to be launched in India,'' Maran said at the India Economic Summit ... 

 2007 Oct 25, 2007 - Shri A.Raja,Minister of Communications and Information Technology has said that the Government is cognizant of the fact that a key hurdle to the roll out of 3G services is the availability of spectrum. He said that an institutional mechanism has been put in place for early vacation by ... 

 2008 Jun 25, 2008 - Vodafone India offers to pre-register iPhone customers, though it is tightlipped on date of launch. By John Ribeiro, IDG News Service. Vodafone India has started pre-registering customers for the iPhone 3G from Apple, promising that the device will be available soon.

 2009 Feb 22, 2009 - CHENNAI: By the 27th of this month, mobile telephony will enter its third generation (3G) in 12 cities in India, courtesy the state owned telecom service provider BSNL. Union minister for communication and IT A Raja launched BSNL's 3G services pan India, from Chennai, on Sunday, ...  


3G auction ends; govt to earn Rs 70,000 cr

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