Saturday, May 1, 2010

NEW DELHI: Justice Sarosh Homi Kapadia of the Supreme Court was on Friday appointed the Chief Justice of India with effect from the May 12.Justice Kapadia was elevated to the apex court on December 18, 2003. Prior to that he was the Chief Justice of the Uttaranchal High Court.Justice Kapadia, 62, takes over from Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan. He is slated for retirement on September 29, 2012.Justice Kapadia was born on September 29, 1947. He enrolled himself as an advocate in 1974 and practiced in the Bombay High Court. He was made a judge there in 1991. Justice Kapadia has keen interest in Economics, Public Finance, Theoretical Physics and Hindu and Buddhist Philosophies and is said to be a workaholic Jharkhand High Cour t Chief Justice Gyan Sudha Misra has become the first woman judge in the Supreme Court since Justice Ruma Pal retired in June 2006. Justice Misra told reporters that she was happy with the new post and described herself as a representative of Indian women.

The others who were elevated to the apex court were Madras High Court Chief Justice Hemant Laxman Gokhale and Bombay High Court Chief Justice Anil Ramesh Dave.Bookmark and Share

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