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IAF Commands

The Indian Air Force has seven commands, of which five are operational and two functional, namely :

  • HQ Central Air Command, Allahabad;
  • HQ Eastern Air Command, Shillong;
  • HQ Western Air Command, New Delhi;
  • HQ Southern Air Command, Trivendrum;
  • HQ South-Western Air Command, Gandhi Nagar;
  • HQ Maintenance Command, Nagpur; and
  • HQ Training Command, Bangalore.

The Indian Air Force is divided into the following broad categories :

- Flying operations;
- Maintenance & Logistics;
- Administration; and
- Training.

MiG-29 : Twin engine, single seater air superiority fighter aircraft of Russian origin capable of attaining max. speed of 2445 km per hour (Mach-2.3%29. It has a combat ceiling of 17 km. It carries a 30 mm cannon alongwith four R-60 close combat and two R-27 R medium range radar guided missiles.

Group Captain NK Prashar, JD AF Adv was the first to fly X-Air microlight on night on 15 Sep 2000 at Air Force Station Hindon. Subsequently, on the same night Sqn Ldr MIK Reddy carried out a skydiving jump from X-Air Microlight.

Distinguishing Rank Flags are commonly displayed on masts at various formations as well as on vehicles in which the entitled officer is travelling.

Officers of the rank of Wing Commander and above commanding a formation/ station/ unit (not detachments) are entitled to fly a distinguishing flag, which will measure 2' in the hoist and 3' in the fly. The flag is to be flown at the head of the flag mast of the formation/ station/ unit and is not to be hoisted and lowered daily or flown at half-mast. The flag will be flown at all times except when replaced by the national flag during visits by Government or Foreign dignitaries.

A smaller version of the rank flag is carried on Vehicles.

Marshal of the Air Force

altRank Flag of the Marshal of the Air Force - displaying five star status. Till date , only one person has been entitled to it - Marshal of the Air Force Arjan Singh. See the photograph at the end showing the display of it on a car.

Chief of Air Staff (Air Chief Marshal)

altChief of Air Staff - Air Chief Marshal Rank

Air Officer Commanding in Chief (Air Marshal)

altAir Marshal Rank Flag

Air Vice Marshal

altAir Vice Marshal Rank

Air Commodore

altAir Commodore

Group Captain

altGroup Captain

Wing Commander

altWing Commander

Method of Display on Vehicles

The Flag is prominently mounted on a small flagstaff that is placed in front of the car in center. The photographs below illustrate the flag displayed on Marshal of the Air Force Arjan Singh's Car.


Rules of Display
(a) At formation/ station where more than one unit is located only the station commander is entitled to fly the flag.
(b) At Air Headquarters and command headquarters the only distinguishing flag flown to be that of the Chief of the Air Staff or the Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, respectively. Officers Commanding, headquarters units, are not entitled to fly flags.
(c) The flag is to be flown only when the entitled officer is actually present in the headquarters station.
(d) When the Chief of the Air Staff/ AOC-in-C/ AOC visits a station, the distinguishing rank flag of the station commander will continue to be flown and not the rank flag of the inspecting officer.


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