Friday, December 18, 2009

It’s a new initiative from ICICI Prudential Life Insurance again, the exceedingly renowned company today launched ICICI Prudential LifeTime Maxima, a wealth solution based on the \'Trigger Portfolio\' strategy.

The \'Trigger Portfolio\' strategy enables a client to reserve profits made in the equity market and protects them from any future market instability. It is to be noted that the gains are transferred to a liquid fund (Money Market Fund) thus ensuring that any precariousness in future does not wear down the importance of the accumulated profits.

"This innovative product, based on the \'Trigger Portfolio\' strategy allows customers to maintain a pre-defined asset allocation structure and take advantage of substantial swings in the equity market," ICICI Prudential Life Senior Vice President and Head (Products and Sales), Pranav Mishra, told.

As indicated by the \'Trigger Portfolio\' strategy, the investments would at first be distributed between two funds--Multi Cap Growth Fund (equity oriented fund) and Income Fund (debt oriented fund) in a 75:25 proportion. The funds would be re-balanced or reallocated in the portfolio rooted in a pre-defined \'trigger event\', a 15 per cent upward or downward movement in NAV of Multi Cap Growth Fund. The product, as well, provides the customer an option to choose a fixed portfolio strategy.

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ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company happens to be a joint venture between ICICI Bank, which is one of India\'s foremost financial services companies, and Prudential plc, which is a leading international financial services group headquartered in the United Kingdom. ICICI Prudential began the operations in December 2000. At the moment, this company has in excess of 2100 branches, which include 1,116 micro-offices, over 290,000 advisors and 18 banc assurance partners.

On the other hand, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company is the first life insurer in India that received a National Insurer Financial Strength rating of AAA (Ind) from Fitch ratings.


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