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Indian polity

Chapter one

Constitutional development

Idea of making a constitutional assembly was first given by M.N.Roy in 1934

  • Indian national congress demanded constitutional assembly in 1935
  • First time it was constituted in 1940 which was envisaged after world war II
  • Finally it was re constructed in 1946 under the cabinet mission plan in 1946
  • It had total 389 member out which 296 were indirectly elected & 93 were nominated by princly states. So it has nominated as well as elected members
  • Its first meeting held on Dec 9,1946
  • It was boycotted by muslim league due to which it had remained only 211 member
  • It was brought about by government and can be aboilished by it so it was not a sovereign body
  • Dr. sachinand the oldest member was elected 1st temporarily head of the assembly
  • Later Dr. Rajinder parsad was elected president and H.C.mukherji was elected vice president
  • Sir B.N rao was elected constitutional advisor of the assembly
  • Objective rsolution was given by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru which was the permeable of constitution
  • India member ship in commonwealth was ratified in may 1949
  • National flag was was adopted in 22 july 1947
  • National song and national anthem were assigned in January 24 1950
  • Elected Dr.Rajinder Parsad as 1st president of India
  • Constitution was passed in 26 November 1949 which was adopted in December 1949
  • The provision like citizen ship election provisional parliament was given effect from 26 november 1949 while rest constitution came into rest in 26th January
  • The last session of constitutional assembly held in 24 january 1950
  • The temporary provision parliament even worked after republic day till general election in 1951-52

The constitutional assembly has following committee

Drafting committee headed by DR.B.R.Ambedkar

Committee of state headed by Sardar Patel

Union constitution committee V Pt. Jawaherlal Nehru provincial constitution commitee headed by sardar patel

committee to examine the draft constitution headed by alladi krishana swamy

union power committee headed by jawaher lal Nehru

committee of fundamental right was headed by sardar patel so the iron man alone headed three committees of constitutional assembly

  1. most important committee was was drafting committee consisted seven members

the member of drafting committee were Dr. ambedkar N.gopalswami alladi Krishna swami dr. km munshi sayad saadullah n.madhav rau t.t krishnamurti

D.P. khaitan was member of constitutional assembly whoi died in 1948 before it was completed

DR.B.R ambedkar is assigned father of Indian contituton


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