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Now a days the UPSC focussing on mental ability as a confusing weapon.
the victims are the candidates only. now the choice is ours.,
--either we can greatly escape from the bullet(question)
or facing gutfully the questions.
the following ideas may help us to face the questions.,

1.please do read the recommanded books(ex-aggarwal) clearly.
2.clearly means, we have to read the basic fundamentals very clearly,but should not read as a mathametical student.
3.if you closely watch the previous years questions, you can find what are the core areas covered frequently.,
as in my vision., the following are the frequent questions areas.,
--age calculation
--comaprition between alphabets and numbers
--geometrical calculations
--business calculations
--statistical data abservation
--time calculation
--ratio analysis
--time zone calculation(can be treated as mental ability)
--time and distance
--shapes and distance
--picture logic
--graphical representation logic
--date calculations
4.jsut we should be thorough with these areas.should not be any doubts.
5.try to solve the questions from the books.
6.when you try to solve the question please do follow these.,
--try to vision the question in general
--do not make the understanding the questions difficulty
--just try to apply the question in an fully concentrated imagination
because the questions are asked in a practical way. for example
--> if the question is about time and distance of the train,then try
to imagine the train and apply the expectation of the question
in your imagination.
--when you prepare for mental ability, try to make certain ways of solving the problem like using biferrrcated formulas or any special easy way to solve yourself
-- when you attend the question, try to identify the question nature from which you might have already made a simplified formula. and put it in the riough work
-- now do not try to work out sum, but try to solve from the answers(from the 4 choices).
for example ..see the following question(1992)
Qsn-father age=2 times of his elder son.,
10 years latter-- father age = 3 times of the younger son.,
deifference betweet 2 sons is 15.. age of father now?

choices--a)100 b)70 c)60 d)50


way to derive formula
F=father, el.son = f/2, le.son - yng.son= 15

the standerd dericed fromula is
10 years hence.,
f = 3*yng.son
1.take 100 first., if father age is 100 then elson age should be 50, so the y.son age is 35(50-15). after 10 years ie., 100+10 = (35+10)3. but the answer is father=110 and the y.son=135. so not correct.

2.just do one by one as soon as possible once the answer will come like.,
if you do the option D,
father = 50. elson=25. so y.son=10
now.after 10 years.. father+10 = (y.son+10)*3
50 + 10 = (10+10)*3
60 = 60
so the option D is correct.

---so, we have to derive answer from the 4 choices by applying the formula.
--- if you practice frequently daily, it will become easy to solve the problem...

)try to solve the all mental ability problems in Tata mecgrahill series
)if you are not able to find out the answer please skip over to next questio... please do not waste your time with that question... it is highly dangerous.just do it after completing whole paper..


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