Monday, October 19, 2009

China and India have many similarities. Both of the two countries enjoys long and respectable histories. Both of them had sufferred invasions or colonial rules in early ages of last century. Additionally, China and India are two of the most populous countries and the largest developing countries in the world.

However, these are only common points that we can easily find. These two giant Asian countries are quite different from each other in nature.

China and Chinese people are more dedicated to the pursuit of physical wealth and there isn’t a dominant religion. Whereas in India, people are more satisfied with spiritual accomplishment.

The attitudes toward time are also different. Chinese people treasure every second to do things while Indian think that time is not the most precious resources.

As for the position in world affairs, Chinese and Indian hold different views. Individual Chinese is eager to dominate the world whild the country act in low-profiled way. In India, the situation is completely opposite. Therefore in foreign diplomacy, India seems more brave while China is so careful in dealing with foreign affairs.

It is true that China has a quicker development than India, but we still have to notice that India is also the one with fastest growth. We can see their problems, but we should also acknowledge their achievement and should remind ourselves that India is trying their best to catch up with China.

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