Saturday, March 23, 2013

European Space Agency’s Planck space telescope looked back at the afterglow of the Big Bang, and those results have now added about 80 million years to the universe’s age, putting it at 13.81 billion years old.

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What is Red Shifted Cosmic Background Radiation ?

  • In every direction, there is a very low energy and very uniform radiation that we see filling the Universe. 
  • This is called the 3 Degree Kelvin Background Radiation, or the Cosmic Background Radiation, or the Microwave Background
  • Since,
    The photons which we measure today (which originated) in the Big Bang have a wavelength of about 1mm which corresponds to a temperature of 3 K.
  • These names come about because this radiation is essentially a black body with temperature slightly less than 3 degrees Kelvin (about 2.76 K), which peaks in the microwave portion of the spectrum. 
  • This radiation is the strongest evidence for the validity of the hot big bang model. 

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