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· Commonwealth Games (CWG) Scam 2010: Main Concerns

There was a huge investment involved in the makeover of the CWG 2010; despite it received a very poor show among the poor people and several concerns raised over many issues. Issues that were brought into concern were involved for raising many political and administrative aspects that ruined the part of Commonwealth Games (CWG) Scam 2010. There are various other issues that were also brought into focus like maintenance of the venues were delayed and programme management had a flop show out of the desk to make a big mess of Commonwealth Games Scam 2010. There could have been no words to raise the ill works of the people concerning the big International Sporting Event in our country.

· Commonwealth Games (CWG) Scam 2010: Sociology-Economic Impact

The Commonwealth Games (CWG) Scam 2010 was mainly subdued to many reasons like heavy economic expenditure that were being severely criticized of. Since there was a huge expenditure that was being spend into such a big Commonwealth Games, so there was a complete serenity over the fact that though being spending so much money, yet things were not utilized for the proper ways. There were so much hush among the poor people to see such notion of huge expenditures being spend on CWG Scam 2010, but not helping and cutting out the financial costs over the period of time in India. This is not the only aspect, the strike over the issues that were certain to rise like slavery of people right out by bribing them up. There were huge volumes of children and people being hired on day night prospects which enamoured the worst part of using them up in CWG Games Project aspect. The Commonwealth Games (CWG) Scam 2010 was recommended to deteriorate the matter child labour being bombarded into the collaboration of making CWG Games 2010, a bigger success.

· Commonwealth Games (CWG) Scam 2010: No Proper Organization

Another important reason why there was a big loss in collaboration among the people was the bitter poor show in terms of all organizing failures that crept into the walk of Commonwealth Games (CWG) Scam 2010. Various preparation delays were reported in accordance to the Commonwealth Games 2010. There were nothing, but poor support staff to look after the CWG Games 2010 schedule and places where there needs to be very proper attendance and has to be paid on a regular basis. Several officers that were attending the state of affairs regarding the concert came out to be much delayed since the CWG Games 2010 were of too much concern. Moreover during the events of CWG Games Scam 2010, the selling of the tickets were totally much to disappointed concerns since it looked like as if there were of no need to comply with the regulations that broke into Commonwealth Games(CWG) Scam 2010. Chairman, Suresh Kalmadi made and expressed the views over the concern on how tickets were being heavily bribed with money and therefore there had so less audience in CWG Games 2010. The CWG Scam 2010 was of the concerning issues on how preparatory management failed out to show the good performance.

· Commonwealth Games (CWG) Scam 2010: Infrastructure Failure

Another important raising aspect of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) Scam 2010 was the infrastructural support that couldn't bear up the best part of the CWG Games 2010. Actually certain projects like Airport Metro Express construction delayed out because of various aspects and was unable to complete the project on time which gave a big issue again to Delhi Government. Various eventual problems like event analysis and improper functioning of the support of various games in CWG Games 2010 just did not give the best credit to side which had seen to be CWG Scam 2010. What hearted the main issue to CWG Scam 2010 was the various equipments and venues that were even not signed and maintained up even before the game so there were some horrible aspects of foreign sportsmen at the CWG Games 2010. The Commonwealth Games(CWG) Scam 2010 also gave inside into the various Spots Associations to pitch down the line in making the best out of the international event but before there could have any improvement in building up the CWG Scam 2010 more, issues regarding Organization Committee saw a defending actions and saw a big loss in sporting events. Though the committee did not expressed the views right thought the event, it was later discover top meet the aspect of CWG Scam 2010.

· Commonwealth Games (CWG) Scam 2010: Security Concerns

Since everyone knows the Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2010 to go international, therefore there Security concerns had a heavy issue rising to such aspects. The raising security issues have been tumbled out badly because there were a total wipe out of various issues and this did not give good sights to measure up the CWG Scam 2010. Since New Delhi is renowned for all the activities of politicians and terror attacks sometimes, so there could be the possibility that we could have heard about the ramming terror attacks that could have broken into the city with the outraging Commonwealth Games (CWG) Scam 2010. There would have been total injustice if there could have been supported up with a good security support concerns without any rising issues of terror attacks in New Delhi during CWG Games 2010. Debacle of surprise was noted, in the swimming of CWG 2010, there were reports of many swimmers being fallen ill, it may be due to the quality of water or maybe due to some faulty works of swimming men. Whatever the reasons may be, we were reported not to have maintained the dignity of CWG Games 2010. This led to what is known to be the worst effect leading up for Commonwealth Games (CWG) Scam 2010.

· Audit Report of CWG
On the basis of the audit report of CWG, the CAG had sent a questionnaire to Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and Cabinet Secretariat (CS).

Since the administrative hold of the CWG was in the hands of the CS as well as the PMO, the audit agency has sought information as to why this scam took place when the two offices were looking minutely into each detail.

Policy decisions of the CWG were in the hands of the Cabinet, while CS had the responsibility of administrative monitoring and both are function under the PMO with Singh at the helm of affairs. Under the administrative structure, it was difficult for Singh to keep himself away from the ongoing probe, the sources said.

There is complete silence in the PMO and CS over the CAG queries. However, few meetings have been held in the CS, which is witnessing a lot of turmoil.

Besides probing into the expenditure details of the Games, the CAG is also looking at pinning the administrative responsibility for the blatant lapses.

The CAG after going through all the documents related to the CWG has asked several questions from the PMO related to the administrative aspects that include the matters related to the formation of Organising Committee (OC) and working of the group of Central ministers looking after organization of the Games.

The OC was formed with the consent of the PMO and the CS and the decision of the Group of Ministers was changed and it is then that Sports Minister Sunil Dutt was replaced and Suresh Kalmadi was given the charge of the OC.

The Union Cabinet Committee, which was formed prior to the hosting of the Games and was headed by its first president late Arjun Singh, was functioning under the PMO and the CS. During the Games, Urban Development Minister Jaipal

Reddy headed this committee, the functioning of this body and the effort it took to check the corrupt practices in the Games have also become the part of the probe.

During the Games, the PMO had monitored the preparations of the Games and directly intervened into it. Besides, the PMO had also given instructions for day-today monitoring of Cabinet arrangements looking at the delays and controversies related to the Games. The sources added that the CAG has sought all the details related to the monitoring also.

· India perceived as more corrupt after CWG scam

India has slipped to 87th spot in Transparency International's latest ranking of nations based on the level of corruption, with the global watchdog asserting that perceptions about corruption in the country increased in the wake of the scam-tainted Commonwealth Games.

Transparency International's 'Corruption Perception Index' report covering the public sector in 178 countries shows that India fell by three positions from its ranking of 84th in 2009.

With an integrity score of 3.3, India is now ranked 87th in the world in terms of corruption. Neighboring China is ahead of India in the list at 78th place, with a score of 3.5. It was at 79th position in 2009.

"India has gone down in the ranking as well as integrity score and this is a matter of concern and regret. It appears that the level of governance has not improved despite India having a skilled set of administrators," Transparency International India Chairman P S Bawa said in New Delhi.

The rankings, on a scale of 0 to 10, are based on the extent of corruption and each government's ability to punish and contain corrupt activities, among other criteria. A score of zero is perceived to be highly corrupt while 10 would indicate the lowest level of corruption.

According to the report: "The perception about corruption in India seems to have increased primarily due to alleged corrupt practices in the recently held Commonwealth Games (CWG) in Delhi."

As many as four investigating agencies - the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), Enforcement Directorate (ED), Income Tax Department and Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) - are looking into allegations of corruption against the organisers of the CWG, which concluded here earlier this month.

The top three countries with the lowest level of corruption globally, as ranked by Transparency International, are Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore.

Denmark was ranked first in the report, with an integrity score of 9.3, while New Zealand and Singapore came second and third with a similar score.

Bhutan was the best performer in the South Asian region and was ranked 37th, with an integrity score of 5.7.

However, other SAARC nations are ranked below India.

Pakistan is ranked at 143th in the list, with an integrity score of 2.3, while Bangladesh is at 134th, with a score of 2.4. Sri Lanka was ranked 91st in the list, with an integrity score of 3.2, while Nepal was 146th (2.3) and Maldives joined Pakistan at 143th place (2.3).

Afghanistan, the newest SAARC member, was ranked 176th in the list with an integrity score of 1.4. The world's largest economy, the USA, garnered an integrity score of 7.1 and was 22nd in the list.

Among BRIC countries, Brazil was at 69th position with a score of 3.7 and Russia was 154th, with an integrity score of 2.1.

Transparency International is organising Anti-Corruption Day on December 9 to sensitize the public on this issue.

The report is based on 13 surveys conducted throughout the year by various international bodies, including the World Bank, the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the Freedom House Foundation.

· Kalmadi, others charge sheeted by CBI in Commonwealth Games scam; Kalmadi sent to Tihar Jail.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Friday filed its first chargesheet in a Delhi court against sacked CWG Organising Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi, describing him as a "main accused" in a corruption case relating to irregularities in awarding a games-related contract to a Swiss firm.

The probe agency, in its over 50-page chargesheet, has accused Kalmadi as the key person with all the powers to take decisions regarding award of contracts.

"Kalmadi is the main accused as he was the person with all supreme powers. He had the supreme over riding powers in the Organising Committee of the CWG, 2010," the chargesheet said.


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