Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Detective Comics #1 (March 1937). Cover art by...Image via Wikipedia
Dave Sim – Creator of Cerebus the Aardvark
Carl Barks – longtime writer of writer of Donald Duck stories for Disney
Gilbert Hernandez – creator of acclaimed independent series Love & Rockets
Will Eisner – creator of the Spirit
Bill Finger – early writer of the Golden Age Batman and Green Lantern stories
J.M. DeMatteis – one of comics more underrated writers. Wrote “Kraven’s Last Hunt”
James Robinson – One of today’s best comic writers and a guy I can see making the list one day
Steve Gerber – One of Marvels best of the 70s and creator of Howard the Duck
Jim Shooter – The former controversial Marvel Editor-in-Chief was also a very accomplished writer.
Chuck Dixon – Long time writer of the Punisher and Detective Comics among others. One of the better writers when it comes to gritty crime tales
Keith Giffen – writer of the post-crisis more humorous Justice Leage, Legion of Super Heroes and many others.
Mike Mignola – Creator of Hellboy
Jack Kirby – Co-creator with Stan Lee on many of Marvels greatest characters. Created Kamandi, OMAC, and the New Gods titles at DC.
Roger Stern – Longtime writer on the Avengers, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Action Comics, etc…

Did you know: The writer of the STAR WARS series is George Lucas. 
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