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Hockey World Cup
Organised By: International Hockey Federation (FIH)

  • Started: 1971
  • Schedule: held every four years
  • Trophy Designed By: Bashir Moojid
  • Trophy Created By: Pakistani Army
Trophy: a silver cup with an intricate floral design, surmounted by a globe of the world in silver and gold, placed on a high blade base inlaid with ivory. At its peak is a model hockey stick and ball.
Five countries have dominated the event's history. Pakistan is the most successful team, having won the tournament four times. The Netherlands have won three titles, and Germany has won two titles. India and Australia have each won the tournament once.
History of Hockey World Cup: Pakistan's Air Marshal Nur Khan originated the idea of a Hockey World Cup was. FIH approved the idea and it was decided that inaugural World Cup would be held in October 1971, in Pakistan. The Cup could not be held in Pakistan, as Pakistanis led by cricketer Abdul Hafeez Kardar, protested against India's participation in the Hockey World Cup. So it was moved to Real Club de Polo grounds in Barcelona, Spain, a neutral and peaceful European site.

World Cup Winners:

Year Venue Winner Runner Up Second Runner Up
1971 Barcelona, Spain Pakistan Spain India
1973 Amstelveen, Netherlands Netherlands India West Germany
1975 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia India Pakistan West Germany
1978 Buenos Aires, Argentina Pakistan Netherlands Australia
1982 Mumbai (Bombay), India Pakistan West Germany Australia
1986 London, England Australia England West Germany
1990 Lahore, Pakistan Netherlands Pakistan Australia
1994 Sydney, Australia Pakistan Netherlands Australia
1998 Utrecht, Netherlands Netherlands Spain Australia
2002 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Germany Australia Netherlands
2006 Mönchengladbach, Germany Germany Australia Spain
2010 New Delhi, India -- -- --

Most Successful Teams

Team Wins Appearances in Final
Pakistan 4 (1971, 1978, 1982, 1994) 6
Netherlands 3 (1973, 1990, 1998) 5
Germany 2 (2002, 2006) 3
Australia 1 (1986)  
India 1 (1975)  

Hero Honda World Cup 2010


Pool A: Germany, Netherlands, Korea, New Zealand, Canada, Argentina
Pool B:
Australia, Spain, England, Pakistan, India, South Africa
  • Host country: India
  • City: Delhi
  • Teams: 12
  • Venue: Dhyan Chand National Stadium

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