Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tip # 1: Broaden Your Mind.
Reading about a strange topic is always a tough challenge. As you interpret a particular text, your mind tries its best to find connections – or even just a flicker of familiarity – among the words.
If you’ve never heard of electricity before, for example, you’re going to have a really stressful time understanding a text about complex machinery.
The best way to enhance reading comprehension skills is to educate yourself about a number of other things. Keep yourself updated so you won’t get left behind. Be curious about what different folks are talking about.
This way, you would always have a few sort of background knowledge to draw on when reading about a number of different topics.
Tip # 2: Think On Your Feet.
When improving reading awareness skills, it’s central for you to think on your feet. Let your mind absorb the information as you go along.
Don’t just read for the sake of reading. Instead, attempt to correlate the impression of the text and predict where it will lead you to. Doing so opens your mind up faster and allows you to understand what is being said easier as well.
Asking questions about the text is also a pretty good way to augment your reading understanding.
Tip # 3: Practice Your Skimming Technique.
Skimming is key to bettering reading awareness skills. In just a few seconds, you could immediately deduce what the material is all about, how it relates to you and how it’s going to turn out in the end.
Comprehend the first, middle and last sentences; for they will also clue you in on what the text aims to say. Of course, if you’re reading a novel for leisure, then you might not need to use your skimming techniques for they will without doubt give the story away.
Developing reading comprehension skills is very essential for everyone, no matter how young or old they are. And with these simple practices, you’ll be able to double or even triple your reading speed and understanding in a short amount of time!


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