Monday, November 8, 2010

The agreements signed between the two countries are listed below:

  1. India and the United States have agreed to set up a research and development centre for clean energy in India and will provide annual funding of $5 million each for five years to complete joint research in solar, biofuels and energy efficiency.
  2. US signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with India to set up a Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership for research and development of secure and proliferation resistant reactor systems.
  3. MOU to establish an India-US Energy Cooperation Programme. It will mobilise private sector expertise and resources to address clean energy-related issues in India and the US. This will broadly cover all sources of energy, including renewable source, and ties in with Obama’s focus on climate change.
  4. Agreement on technical cooperation to study India’s annual monsoon rains. The agreement is likely to help India improve its capability in predicting monsoon, which is crucial for the agriculture sector, crop weather prediction and predicting floods.
  5. MOU between India and the US on shale gas resources which will see US technology used to assess shale gas resources in India. India does not have technology to exploit shale gas, an unconventional gas trapped in sedimentary rocks and the US is a pioneer in the field.
  6. India and the US signed MOU on establishing and operating a Global Disease Detection Centre in India. The MoU would be implemented through an agreed plan between the National Centre for Disease Control, India and the Centre for Disease Control, Atlanta. The agreement would enable sharing best practices for detection and response to emerging infections


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