Wednesday, November 25, 2009

MARCOS (India)
Active1987 - Present
CountryIndia India
TypeSpecial Forces
NicknameMagarmach (Crocodiles)
OperationsOperation Cactus, Operation Pawan, Kargil War, Raid on LTTE in 1987, Operation Black Tornado, Operation Cyclone
EquipmentAK-47 and variants, Colt M16A2, INSAS 5.56 mm, Type 56 assault rifle, Tavor assault rifle,HK MP5 sub-machine gun and 7.62 mm SLRassault rifle, H-3 Sea King and Chetakhelicopters, Cosmos CE-2F/X100 two-mansubmarines.

MARCOS (previously named as Marine Commando Force (MCF)) is an elite special operations unit of the Indian Navy. "MARCOS" is short for "Marine Commandos", and MCF is an acronym for "Marine Commando Force".

The force started off as the Indian Marine Special Force, the first batch qualifying in February 1987. It was later renamed as the Marine Commando Force(MCF) in 1991. The force has gradually acquired experience and a reputation for professionalism over the two decades it has been in existence. It is one of India's highest trained and best equipped forces.

The force was initially trained by the other special forces of the country, including those under the Home Ministry, the Army, Air Force, Police and paramilitary units. This was later supplemented by foreign training facilities, notably the SEALS of the US Navy. Over the years, the force set up its own training facility, first as an adjunct of the operational company at Mumbai, later as the Naval Special Warfare Tactical Training Centre. Wide exposure to different forms of warfare have been obtained through field operations in counter insurgency and anti terrorist operations within the country, and joint exercises with more than a dozen countries across the world.


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