Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Big Data is a new buzzword in the market that use to describe vast amount of data that cannot be processed using traditional data mining tools. Big Data is big in terms of
Volume:- Data is collected from vast number of sources like social media, shopping details etc
Velocity: Data comes at huge speed and need to be processed in real time
Variety :- it includes audio, videos, text numbers etc

  • It helps organization in understanding customer shopping behaviour, his likes and preference and his requirement, thus help in developing or projecting products customized to those customers. 
  • Email, social media, online retailer etc rely on bigdata to for launching custom made product.

Advantages of Big Data->
a) As tax fraud is one of the main problem government facing regarding the deduction of deficits, Big Data can be used to increase the efficiency of fraud detection process.
b) It can map a person’s genetic profile and it helps doctors and scientists to predict a patient’s health condition.
c) In 2009, the UN launched UN Global Pulse for the purpose of using best practices in the big data industry to enable the organisation to make faster and better informed responses to humanitarian crises.
d) It has more privacy compared to other data and will allow government agencies to keep valuable enterprise data secure.
e) It will reduce the burden of records management rsponsibilities with the help of its automatic facility of recording of data.
f) Its cloud -based technology will not only store as backup, but it will give real-time access for constantly changing data. Because of digitization of paper records, sharing information will be easy.
Given the Digital India campaign of the government, it is rightly placed to utilize the benefit of big data.
1. Various websites like Mygov.in, makeinindia.com, ebiz.com etc. helps government to connect with the vast number of citizens and incorporate their feedback and suggestions in course correction of present projects or designing of future projects and scheme.
2. Vast number of surveys national census, socio-economic census, UIDAI etc. can provide government with vast data that they can use.
3. Big Data processing can also help in combating terrorist activity by realtime communication monitoring.
4. Also data from various private companies etc. can help government track the changing behavior of citizen.
5. It can help in assessment of its own work and working of government.

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