Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What is the rationale behind Human beings being affected due to mobile tower radiation ?

  • Human body is itself is electromagnetic (very low around 10 hertz frequency).

  • Each of our cell has it’s own electromagnetic field when we exposed to the cellular tower frequency which is very high our body’s EMF (electromagnetic field) disturbed and thus caused very serious types of damages to our cells, brains etc

  • human body consists of 70% liquid. It is similar to that of cooking in the microwave oven where  the  water  in  the  food  content  is  heated  first.

  • “Microwave  absorption”  effect  is  much  more  significant by the body parts which contain more fluid (water, blood, etc.), like the brain which consists of about 90% water.

Why we dont find birds on the mobile towers ?

  • The reason is surface area of a bird which is larger than human body, so they absorb more radiation.

  • Since fluid content is small due to less weight, it gets heated up very fast and also the magnetic field disturbs their navigational skills.

The Indian government has banned mobile phone towers in school and hospital premises and directed cellular firms to take permission from residents welfare associations before setting up base stations in residential areas, in efforts to limit the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure.

Ministry of Environment and Forests guidelines to 
Department of Telecommunications: 

  1. Avoid overlapping of high radiation fields. Not allow new towers within a radius of one Kilometer of the existing tower.
  2. The location and frequencies of cell phone towers and other towers emitting EMR should be made available in the public domain and a GIS mapping of all the cell phone towers to be maintained to monitor the population of bird and bees in and around the mobile towers.
  3. To undertake Precautionary approaches to minimize the exposure levels and adopt stricter norms

What can be done if we want to strike a balance between development and sustainability ?

Today many societies and people readily get ready to install mobile towers on der buildings/roofs....kyunki these mobile operators give them rent for the same....jisase maintenance nikalta hai...but they ignore the ill effects of all they r the first victims of all this !!!

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