Monday, June 10, 2013

Like Britain colonised India....France had colonised Indo-China region wake of this many anti colonial movements rose against the FRENCH MIGHT .....among them were the following !

The Indo-China  region in South East Asia comprising three countries: Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Scholars Movement : 

  • An early movement against the spread of Christianity and french control was the Scholar's revolt of 1868. 
  • It was led by the officials of the imperial court who were angered by the spread of Catholic French Power.
  • The revolt was led by a general uprising in NguAn and Ha Tien provinces where over thousand Catholics were killed.
  • Vietnamese organizers of this movement were angry because nearly 300,000 Vietnamese were converted to Christianity from 17th to 18th century by the French colonial government.
  • Although the revolt was crushed but it has profound impact on Vietnamese and inspired patriotism against French domination.

Hoa Hao Movement : 

  • Another movement called Hoa Hao movement began in 1939 in the fertile Nekong Delta area. It gained popular religious ideas in Anti-French uprising of 19th century. 
  • Hoa Hao movement was started by Huynh Phu So who performed miracles and helped the poor. 
  • He criticized against useless expenditure and opposed the sale of child brides, gambling and the use of alcohol and opium. 
  • French declared him mad, called him the Mad Bonze,and put him in a mental asylum. Interestingly, the doctor who had to prove him insane became his follower, and finally in 1941, even the French doctors declared that he was sane. 
  • The French authorities exiled him to Laos and sent many of his followers to concentration camps

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