Monday, February 4, 2013

Q 1:

 (a) The projected average rate gross capital formation in the 12th Plan is 37 per cent of GDP. 
 (b) The projected gross domestic savings rate is 34.2 per cent of GDP 
 (c) National Development Council (NDC) is the final approving body for Five Year Plan 

 Which of the above in INCORRECT

All None a & b

Q 2: 

 (A)Kaziranga is the only park of its kind with a viable low land grassland ecosystem in South Asia. (B)Bongaigoan Petroleum Refinery is associated with environmental concerns of Kaziranga national park. Which of the above is correct ? 

Both only a only b

Q 3: 
 a. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)is a UN Agency headquatered in Montreal,Canada 
b. Mopa is a proposed airport which is to comeup in Goa. It will be a Brown Field Airport. Which of the above is/are incorrect ? 
both a only b only

Q 4:"The Argumentative Indian" is a book authored by ? 

Amartya Sen Arvind Kejriwal Arindham Chaudhari

Q 5: a. Maurice Pate award is given by the Child Rights International Network. b. National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development, popularly known as NIPCCD recieved this award in 1985 Which of the above is correct ?

a only b only both

Ans ]

1 -a
3- c
4- a
5- b

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