Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dissimilarities between New Public Administration and New Public Management

It is basically a periodic academic get together to reconceptualise
It is actual process of govt reform
Emphasize is on Publicness of PubAd
Weakens the PUBLICNESS nd moves more towards generic concern whether public or private
Makes Pubad closer to Political Science and Sociology
Makes PubAd move towards management
NPA is rational..since means and goals are emphasized …means to achieve goals are taken into account
ANTI RATIONAL ….since emphasis is only on Goals…not the means to achieve them
They study on change nd try to reconceptualise things
It is influenced by NEW RIGHT PHILOSOPHY
NPA is developmental..where interests of the society are taken into consideration
NPM is POPULIST …responds to demands in a uncritical way without thinking whether it is Beneficial or not

Similarities between New Public Administration and New Public Management

  • Both emphasize on Democratization,Decentralization,Associative Administrtation

  • NPA II  & NPA III took note of privatisation , globalisation , implementation of market principles nd practices but they primarily took care of the publicness of Pub Ad….with this v can refer to the NEW PUBLIC SERVICE APPROACH by theorist like DENHADT nd DENHADT


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