Thursday, July 19, 2012

What are the 

characteristics of New 

Public Management ?

Views according to Christopher Hood ....

1. Hands on Professional Management in Public Sector
this refers to giving autonomy to the workers and letting them use their own strategies to attain the goals(public purpose)

2. Explicit standards and Measures of Performance
this refers to setting targets and performance assessment

3. Greater Emphasis on Output Control
this refers to need to stress on results rather than procedures.

4. A shift to disaggregation of units in Public Sector
this refers to breaking of larger entities into smalll corporatised units dealing wit one naother on a arms length basis

5. A stress on private sector style of management
this refers to introduction of market principles and techniques in public sector 

6. A shift to greater competition
this refers to introduction of tendering system which brings in competition and justified use of rivalry a key to get better standards and results

7. Stress on greater discipline and parsimony in resource use
this refers to miserably using the allocated funds nd showing the value for the money people pay thru taxes.. 

Views according to Owen Hughes....

1. Changes on Outputs
refers to focus on target

2. Changes on Inputs
refers to emphasis on changing of structure in order to attain public purpose which involves 
a. introduction of skilled workers
b. introduction of technology 
c. market oriented practices(like Greivance redressal mechanisms, imposition of user fee ,outsourcing etc.)

3. Reducing the size of Govt and Changing the Role of Govt
this refers to rolling back of State emphasis is on role of the state to be just that of enabler , facilitator, and trying bring in more of Market players....emphasis being on sterring rather than rowing..thereby efficiently channelizing the market forces

4. Changing the relationship of Public and Politicians vis-a-vis Management
this refers to let bureaucracy work wit autonomy at the same time keep it accountable...this can b acheived thru PRINCIPLE - AGENT agreement...make the system more citizen frndly/client oriented...address the complaints of the people..etc etc

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