Friday, June 10, 2011 Union Government has taken a decision on 25th July, 2000 to further liberalise its Uplinking Policy and permit the Indian private companies to set up uplinking hub/teleports for licensing/hiring out to other broadcasters. The new policy also permits uplinking of any television channel from India.

It also allows the Indian news agencies to have their own uplinking facilities for purposes of newsgathering and its further distribution. 

The salient features of eligibility criteria, basic conditions/obligations and procedure for obtaining the necessary permission for these services are briefly described below.

· To uplink only those TV channels which are specifically approved or permitted by the Ministry of I&B for uplinking from India.
· To stop uplinking of TV channels whenever permission/approval to such a channel is withdrawn by the Ministry of I&B.
· Can uplink both to Indian as well as foreign satellites. However, proposals envisaging use of Indian satellite will be accorded preferential treatment.
· To keep record of materials uplinked for a period of 90 days and to produce the same before any agency of the Government as and when required.
· To permit the Government agencies to inspect the facilities as and when required.
· To furnish such information as may be required by the Ministry of I&B from time to time.
· To provide the necessary monitoring facility at its own cost for monitoring of programme or content by the representative of the Ministry of I&B or any other Government agency as and when required.
· To comply with the terms and conditions of the licensing Agreement to be signed between the Applicant and the Ministry of I&B.
· To comply with the terms and conditions of the Wireless Operational licence to be issued by WPC.
· To uplink in C-Band only.
· The satellite to which uplinking is proposed should have been co-ordinated with Insat system.
· Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of above licences would result in termination/cancellation of the licences.


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