Tuesday, July 27, 2010

http://www.liveipl.net/images/ipl-teams.jpg          It’s a festival of cricket that attracts millions of people to watch it and providing them with entertainment thoughout the series. 

The present scenario proved that IPL is not just a sport ,it’s a major tool used for converting all the black money kept hidden in swiss banks into legal money. 

There seem to be few advantages with IPL such as,


  • More players from all parts of our country get an opportunity to display their talents.
  • Sportmanship is improved between players.
  • Players earn a lot of money in small period of time.

         The IPL is not just a game. Lots of money was invested and lots of money have been earned by share holders and players. The advertisement sector is one of the major achievers in getting enormous profits. The following are few details of people who earn from IPL.

    Television rights fee from Sony-WSG - 20 per cent of $ 918 m

    Promotion fee from Sony-WSG - $ 100 m

    Franchisee fee - $ 723.6 m

    Central sponsorship money - BCCI will keep 40% of the total Merchandising revenue - 12.5% of the total

    Team owners(individually)

    Broadcasting share - 10% of BCCI's TV rights

    Central sponsorship - 7.5% of the total

    Gate receipts - 100%
    Merchandising - 11 % of the totalStadium

    hospitality - 100%

    Prize money - $ 3 m for the winning team 

    PlayersAuction money - Could swing from a few lakhs to crores

    Salaries - Minimum to be paid $ 20,000 a year

    Endorsements - Individual deals

    BroadcasterRevenue from advertising (Rs 225,000 lakh per 10 seconds)

    Subscription from cable TV viewers

    Except for money and cricket, IPL has got lots of drawbacks. They are as follows,


    • The real spirit of cricket is lost and game has become a business.
    • The actual form of cricket like one day and test match have lost their popularity. 
    • Players avoid international cricket as they earn a lot in IPL and due to strict schedule players do miss international matches.
    • People have lost interest among other sports.
    • The whole of money transaction is not transparent and it is fully governed by private firm.
    • The money needed for investment is mainly brought by NRI’s who can bring tons of money easily or with minimum restriction to our country. Such NRI’s are not real and they are used to transfer the money hidden in over seas bank to India. Such NRI’s are available in Mauritius, Canada, gulf countries and South Africa. Those NRI’s transfer money into their NRI bank account and invest them in business firms and IPL.
    • The money earned in IPL can be transferred to overseas account easily with the help of credit cards alone.
    • Online websites are earning a lot by betting on IPL matches towards which we do not have any control .
    • As the interest for the game has increased government has the tendency to further help its growth rather concentrating on other sports which need immediate care.

    The main reason why IPL has grown this far is because of our rules and regulations that are exploited in possible favourable ways for the share holders.

    What Government needs to do?

     It is highly necessary to know the source of money invested in IPL and the person bringing the money from overseas. No board must be independent and an annual audit must be conducted by the government to ensure money spent is legal. The properties of share holders must be tracked continuously and income earned by share holders,players and whom so ever involved must be accountable. Transactions involved during auctioning players, providing telecasting rights to channels, salaries of players , security, advertisement, venues must be well documented and must be checked by IT officials periodically.

              Cricket is a sport and it must be treated as a sport.The IPL made cricket as business and it will soon loose its shine if the spirit of cricket is lost because of money laundering and betting in matches. It is high time that government must prevent the nations wealth being taken by few individuals just for providing entertainment to the real fans of cricket.


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