Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What is Tipaimukh project ?

Tipaimukh Dam is a proposed embankment dam on the river Barak in Manipur state India. The purpose of the dam is flood control and hydroelectric power generation. The project has led to controversy between India and Bangladesh over water rights as well as controversy with Manipuri people to be relocated by the reservoir.

What is the Controversy regarding it ?

What is Bangladesh's Point?
1.        The experts in Bangladesh say that this may affect the seasonal rhythm of the river and have an adverse effect on downstream agriculture and fisheries of Bangladesh.
2.      A team had come from bangladesh to New Delhi which was led by Water Resource Minister of Bangladesh Abdur Razzak.
3.      The team visited Tipaimukh dam on July 31, 2009.

  • What is India's Point?
1.        India says that this project would regulate excess water, control floods in Sylhet district of Bangladesh, western Manipur and southern Assam.
2.      The dam will open a new waterway from Haldia port in West Bengal to northeast India via Bangladesh
3.      This dam will lead to the development of two national highways - NH 53 and NH 150 - thus improving the connectivity among Assam, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura.
4.     Water which will be used for generating electricity will be released back into the river.
5.      India would not build any barrage or structures for stopping water flowing downstream.

The following three organizations have also protested the dam.

  • Citizens Concern for Dams and Development (CCDD),
  • Committee on Land and Natural Resources (COLNAR)
  • Action Against the Tipaimukh Dam Project (ACTIP).

Environmental Aspect !!
Another is the environmental factor. The Tipaimukh area lies in an ecologically sensitive and topographically fragile region. It falls under one of the most seismically volatile regions on the planet. A major earthquake of magnitude of 6.6 on the Richter Scale rocked Manipur-Myanmar border in the year August 6, 1988 at the epicenter  240 km (150 mi) northeast of the dam site.

Important points about River Barak !
  • associated with River Barak
  • River Barak is a part of the Surma-Meghna River System
  • River Barak in Assam is also proposed to be declared as National Waterway-6 by Govt. of India and thereafter it will be developed with infrastructure facilities for commercial operations.
  • tributaries of river Barak
    (Sonai River (Tuiral), Ghagra River,Katakhal River, Dhaleswari River,Jiri River, Chiri River, Madhura River,Jatinga River)
  • imp city across River Barak - Sinclair 



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