Saturday, February 4, 2012

Q 1:The Supreme Court on Friday took the Union government to task over the issue of age of the Chief of the Army Staff, Gen. V.K. Singh, saying the government decision-making process went against the principles of natural justice and the Constitution. A Bench of Justices R.M. Lodha and H.L. Gokhale was hearing a writ petition Gen. Singh had filed against the order determining his date of birth as May 10, 1950, instead of May 10, 1951. Who is the present Solicitor General of India ?
Uday Lalit
Rohinton Nariman

Q 2:President Raul Castro flew to Caracas on Friday to attend a meeting with other allies of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, who was at the airport for the arrival. Mr. Castro is joining other national leaders of the Bolivarian Alliance, or ALBA, at the Sunday summit, including the presidents of Nicaragua and Bolivia. Who is the founder of ALBA countries

Fiedel Castro
Hugo Chavez
Micheal Martelli

Q 3:The head of memory chip maker Micron, long known for taking risks in stunt piloting, died Friday when a small experimental plane he was piloting steeply banked, stalled and crashed near an Idaho runway.Who is he ?
Richi Jennings
Trevor Yancey
Steven Appleton

Q 4:Iran successfully launched a new small satellite into orbit early Friday, state media reported, the latest in the country’s ambitious space programme that has raised concerns because if its possible military applications. IRNA said the home-made satellite was designed to collect data on weather conditions and monitor for natural disasters.Name it

Q 5:Leading foreign telecom giants —Telenor and Sistema on Friday asserted that they would take legal measures to protect their investments in Indian operations with one of them speaking of alternative plans to quit India.Sismeta is a .

Q 6: Click the wrong match
Assocham President - Raj Kumar Doo
CII President - Muthuraman
FICCI President - K. V. Rai

Q 7:The fourth phase of the intensive ‘Tiger Monitoring Programme,' envisaged by the Tiger Task Force of the Union Government, began at the Kalakkad - Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (KMTR)..KMTR is situated in which state ?
Tamil Nadu

Q 8: Lab-created H5N1 viruses removed natural barriers......The first flu virus was identified in the 1930s. Since then, scientists have classified three types of flu viruses based upon their protein composition. The types of flu virus include types A, B, and C.Which is the most severe and freigthening type ?
Type C
Type A
Type B

Q 9:HbA1C test is carried out for patients of which disease ?
Kidney Stone

Q 10:Less than a week after a similar move by micro-blogging site Twitter, .......................... has unveiled plans to make content on its blogger platform selectively available, depending on the local rules of each country.


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