Saturday, May 7, 2011

 Created by one of our members Ehshan Khan !!!

GGPRS may b used in place of harappa civilisation..means its important places r situated in Gujrat,Punjab,Rajasthan,Sind

·         ESPN v all know it is sports channel..a slight amendment make ISPN..stands for countries India,Srilanka,Pakistan,Newzealand r countries reach in ICC's WC 2011 semifinal..

·         NICK(means a moment)..elaborate it like Netherland,Ireland,Canada,Kenya..r associates members of ICC(International Cricket Council)

·         HSBC stands for Harappa,Suktagandor,Banawali ,Chahundaro..! r places shows different -2 stages of growth of h/civilisation..!!!

·         F.A.I.R..stands for France,America,Isreal,Russia have a technique of interceptor ballistic missiles..and now india is 5th one in this row

·         KAMBOJ , 16 mahajanpad me se ek tha..make it KAMBUJ..that stands for Karnataka,Andhra pradesh,Maharastra,Bihar,Uttar pradesh,Jammu kashmir..r only states have Legislative Council..

·         Human being start to use C.B.I in sequence..means COPPER,BRONZE and IRON..

·         a degree in medical is B.D.S...!..amend it to B.D.M.S means BODO,DOGRI,MAITHILI,SANTHALI r languages added to 8th schedule under 92nd amendment..

·         ek film aayi thi "SANKATT CITY"...keval "SANKATT"..ko lete hain..means..SAN for SANskrit,KAnnada,Tamil,Telugu...! r classical languages declared by indian government..
·         as v know M.S.N is web search site..memorise it like MIZORAM,SIKKIM,NAGALAND r states,which have only one 1 lok sabha seat...

·         B.M.W stands for BUDGET,MONSOON,WINTER..sessions of loksabha..,B starts (feb to may),M starts (june to sept),W starts(nov to dec)..

·         v can also take something in zig-zag v know .M(inimum).S(upport).P(rice)..take it like M(ukherjee).S(iddharth).P(ultizir)..i.e winner of 2011..!

·         C.D.S..!ise aise dekhte hain..C for Cripps mission,D for Dominion S for Status...means,sarvpratham is mission me spast rup se bharat ko ye stithi pradan karne ki baat kahi gayi thi...!

·         there is a movie "AKSAR"..expand it like that..Alladi Krishna Swamy Ayyar "Review"..means he was the head of the "review" committee for 'draft' of constitution..

·         amend B.S.N.L as BELGIUM,SWITZERLAND,NETHERLAND and LUXEMBOURG r european countries where 'mercy killing' is legallised

·         v know the grassland PAMPAS..simple it like..CAMPAS..stands for CA for Cabinet,M for Mission,had members name..P for Pathic lawrence,A for A.V.Alexendar,and S for Strafford Cripps...!
·         as v know C.P.F(Central Police Force) ,read it like Courage,Peace,Faith..rrepresent by tri-colour respt. From saffron to green..

·         as v 'CAB'...(means taxi)..remember it like..C for CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY,A for ADVISOR,B for B.N RAO..means b.n rao was advisor to constituent assembly who prepare draft of constitution

·         .as we know L.H.S in maths..implement it like that LEFT HORSE SIDE..means in our national emblem horse is on left of wheel..

·         RBC(Red Blood Corpuscle)..learn it like that RUSSIA,BRAZIL,CHINA...ab tak jahan BRIC,BRIC,abhi BRICS ki meeting ho rahi hai...!


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